Piston Rods

Expertise with track record of 2 million piston rods of Backhoe, Excavator, Front end Tipping (FET), Under chasis Tipping Systems , Steering cylinder, Crane cylinder PISTON RODS

Our Products Range:

• 200 mm - 9000 mm long solid and hollow piston rods.
• Hard Chrome plating of internal bore of "Valve Body".

Hard Chrome Plating Services

Fully automated PLC controlled hard chrome plating line which can handle 500-600 piston rods of sizes 1750 mm (1.75 meters)

Crane hydraulic piston rods of length upto 9000 mm (9 meters) and diameter 300 mm

Machining, grinding, polishing and hard chrome plating facility available.

Truck Hydraulics

Telescopic Hydraulic Piston rods for truck tipping systems. CNC, grinding, polishing, hard chrome plating facility available.

Steering Cylinder Piston Rods

Steering cylinder piston rods for automobile applications

Hard Chrome Plating of Valve Spools